Online Review Generation

Turn Your Patients Into A Marketing Army!

Are your therapists asking happy patients for reviews? Do your website & marketing tools make it easier?

63.6% of people visit Google to check local business reviews. To boost your practice's trust score, you need to generate new 5-star reviews constantly.

Our custom review tool integrates right into your website and:

  1. Makes it easy for patients to leave reviews
  2. Keeps negative reviews private for your staff to address
  3. Even gathers reviews for multiple locations from the same website!

Generate more reviews & protect your reputation with a Practice Promotions website.

Real Results

We have only been live with our website for a few weeks now, but we are already getting leads through our chatbot; new patients who have found us on Google; and even some 5-star reviews from some of our current clients.

Jill W.

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Making It Easier For Your Staff To Request Reviews

In addition to easy “Review Us” buttons on your website, ask about our review generation rack cards and posters! These custom-branded print materials feature a unique QR code your patients can scan to go straight to your review page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do patients write reviews?

    We create a custom review page and feature a “Review Us” button on your website. If you have multiple locations, the patient will be asked to specify which.

  • How are bad reviews filtered?

    Your custom review page sends 3-star or less reviews to your staff so you can address issues. Only if the review is 4 or 5 stars does it ask them to paste the review to Google or Facebook (and provides a link).

  • Are my current reviews affected?

    No, if you have reviews on Google or Facebook already, they will stay within that platform.

  • How can I monitor my reviews?

    Our system will send you an email when a new review comes in! You can also login to a custom dashboard to view all reviews plus look at data such as commonly mentioned words.