Ever have difficulty collecting payment from a patient?

Let’s face it, a clean, fresh website, enabled with Online Bill Pay, is critical for your Physical Therapy practice. Many potential clients will use your website as the only deciding factor to visit your practice. Your patients also need a positive experience from any device. They need to understand exactly what you do and how to contact you. Most importantly, they need convenient features that offer flexibility for your patients to pay for any outstanding balances.

So, Why Online Bill Pay? Because…

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… It’s About Customer Service

Patients, to your business, are customers. More importantly, they are customers that you want to keep in the future! That’s why, even during bill collection, their experience with your practice has to be a positive one. Online bill pay could have a huge impact on patient retention rates!
Think about it as a customer:

  • Is it easy to pay personal bills during work hours? No.
  • Have you ever misplaced a paper bill with payment instructions? Most people have.
  • Do you always receive bills or calls when you have a free moment to address it? Probably never.

Consider the daily process your patients go through when they collect their mail and receive your bill. They will typically pick up the mail on their way home from work or at the end of the day. And, most patients will likely open the mail between 6pm and 9pm. Most Physical Therapy practices don’t offer Online Bill Pay.  In that case, if your patients wanted to pay you immediately, they would have to set-up a reminder to call you during business hours or write a check and mail it to you. That’s why one single night that a bill gets set aside can turn into weeks. These functions are disruptive, inconvenient, and increase the time it takes for you to get paid.

“One single night a that bill gets set aside can turn into weeks”

… And It Reduces Your Collections Stress

How Online Bill Pay Works

While setting up payments on your website have historically been challenging for practices due to the significant compliance requirements created by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), solutions are now in place that keep your practice completely compliant. The Hosted Payment Page simply opens a new page for payment collection hosted by a third party. Therefore, your practice can offer an online bill pay link, or button, on your website without capturing or processing any credit card data. The new page is hosted by the payment processing company and manages the secure, encrypted payment.

Understanding the need for private practice owners to take advantage of this patient satisfaction tool while leveraging the technological improvement in Online Bill Pay solutions, Practice Promotions has partnered with a leader in the Healthcare Payments space, Go Cardconnect.

With its patented security encryptions, Go Cardconnect can help you improve collections with an easy, practice-branded patient experience. Plus, there is special pricing for Practice Promotion clients! Learn More Here

NEW Workshop - 10-Minute PT Website Makeover


NEW Workshop - 10-Minute PT Website Makeover

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