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Category: Business Planning

PT Practice goals
2021 Practice Goals: How to Plan & Achieve Your Best Year Ever

Reach Your Practice Goals With Certainty How many new patients do you need to add per month, to…

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What Did 2020 Teach Practices About Patient Flow?

2020 started off like any other year… For most PT clinics, patient flow goals were high. More…

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Medicare Cuts Impacting PT Clinics
Overcoming Medicare Cuts to Physical Therapy

Are medicare cuts to PT posing a threat to your private practices? In this article we’ll walk…

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Coronavirus Impact On Private Practice PT

Has your practice suffered due to COVID-19? You’re not alone. The APTA just published a comprehensive study…

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Learn Business Recovery Strategy
The Business Recovery Curve Strategy For PTs

When Crisis Hits, How Do You Recover As Quickly As Possible? Updated April 28th, 2020:  Practices around…

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Effective Career Pages
How To Make Your Career Page Attract The BEST Staff

Have you ever lost a great candidate to big competition? In today’s highly competitive healthcare market, do…

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Marketing Staff letter
3 Time-Boosting Tactics for In-Clinic Marketing Staff

Dear In-Clinic PT Marketing Staff, Life as a marketer in a PT, OT, or Rehab focused workplace…

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Local Marketing Agency Pros and Cons
Is A Local Marketing Agency Best for PT Clinics?

If you’re considering outsourced marketing help for your practice, you’ve probably looked up local marketing agencies. Currently,…

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1 Thing Every Practice Owner Needs To Do Before December 25 – No Matter How Busy You Are

Practice Owners, Let’s Be Honest… This Is A BEYOND CRAZY Time of Year!! Patients are squeezing in…

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Why Online Bill Pay Is Key For Physical Therapy Websites

Ever have difficulty collecting payment from a patient? Let’s face it, a clean, fresh website, enabled with…

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The Difference Between Investments & Expenses in a PT Clinic

“Can I afford this expense?” Every practice owner will likely ask themselves this question at some point.…

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How a “Star” PT Owner Can Hand Off Patients Without Being Impersonal

Has this happened to you? When a PT starts their own practice their personal passion, level of…

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