Managing your PT practice goes beyond marketing and converting new patients into loyal, lifelong customers. Your practice is, at its core, a business to which recruiting is essential. Every business needs to maintain the best possible employees. From front office staff to physical therapists, your team significantly contributes to the effectiveness and success of your practice.

The key to sustaining a fantastic team is continuously recruiting via direct mail and online marketing.

Now, that might sound strange—you already have a great team, why keep recruiting? Because you need to keep marketing your practice’s name and expertise to stay current and present in the PT practice landscape. Think about this—a new clinic opens up in town and sends out recruitment mailers. Your staff receives the mailers and starts to take note of the new clinic. Even if none of them are interested in the positions available, they still took notice of the new clinic and might mention the opening to their friends and family. Thus, this recruiting mailer may not have attracted new staff members, but it did generate PR and interest about the clinic.

Recruiting Strategies:

  • Continue advertising for professional and key positions such as front desk, even if not currently needed.
  • Have a contact mailing list of professional staff (PT, PTA, OT, etc.) from a large enough area surrounding your practice.
  • Direct mail every 1-2 months to the list, ideally promotions on hiring, or PR actions such as your practice newsletters. Increase the frequency when a position is needed.
  • Have a dedicated career page on your website that is promoted in direct mail. Make it interesting, exciting and showcasing the personality of your staff. Have pictures of staff interacting with one another and patients.
  • Leverage contracts with universities and colleges, setting up internship programs to discover talented new graduates.

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These recruiting strategies can do more than market your practice. They can also help moderate swings in patient volumes and improve overall business planning.

For example, every practice has a busy season whether it’s a surge of patients in September and October. Or, maybe you sponsor a softball team and have spikes during spring training. These seasons can make or break your clinic—more patients mean more appointments booked which can increase your waitlist for new patients. By proactively maintaining recruiting campaigns throughout the year, you can attract additional staff resources such as an extra receptionist for extended evening hours or more PTAs who can work weekend sports clinics. This slight increase in staffing can support your practice’s growth for both the short and long terms.

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Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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