After Covid-19 Dip, This PT Practice Recovers in Just 3 Months!

Optimum Physio Therapies is a one location Physical Therapy practice in San Antonio, Texas. Optimum PT started out with Practice Promotions in March 2020 as an Ultimate Plus client, right at the beginning of Covid-19. Just like many PT’s, they had a choice to make. Stay open or close and hope for the best.

They chose to keep moving forward.

We sat down with Sonia De Anda, one of the owners, to see how things were going.

Sonia was thrilled with how things were going the past couple of months. “We are back at 110%!” Sonia statted her phones were ringing off the hook and that she had to stop taking appointments because they were all booked up. How many clinics can say that right now?!

“If you don’t invest, You don’t get anything back!”

Since Optimum was so busy, Sonia communicated her needs to her Practice Promotions marketing expert and watched her Google analytics results.

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Optimum’s Big Wins:

  • Their Google My Business call volume during Covid-19 is off the charts. Since their website went live March 23rd, Optimum received 141 calls and 77,138 searches with 285 clicks.
  • Optimum decided to run a referral contest where one referral entered you into a chance to win an Apple Watch. Some of the referrals that came in were clients looking at their reviews.
  • She is a true believer in what her team at Practice Promotions is doing & that people are finding her more so now than ever.
  • Social posting on a regular basis is increasing volume.

In short, she attributes her success to working WITH her marketing company, having them work behind the scenes in addition to her efforts. As things start to even out, she wants to focus on leveraging even more of her marketing tools.

Optimums Key to Success:

  1. Ran a “Referral Contest” That Boosted Patient Volume.
  2.  Made Sure To Regularly Post ToTheir Social Media Accounts.
  3. Utilized her Marketing Team In Addition to Her Own Efforts.
  4. Saw Their Subscription as a Successful Investment.

A Positive Outlook:

Sonia wasn’t defeated by a pandemic, she saw this as an opportunity and an investment. She says “If you don’t invest, You don’t get anything back!” Congratulations, Sonia and the rest of her team at Optimum Physio!

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NEW Workshop - 10-Minute PT Website Makeover

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