Using your twitter account to engage PT patients

Your Patients Tweet, Do You?

Twitter is another social media platform that PT practices can use to share information and engage followers online. Marketing your practice on Twitter is similar to using Facebook, but with some key differences that can enhance your results. You want to understand how a Twitter account works and the type of content that is best suited to the platform.

Twitter uses short, maximum 280 characters, statements or tweets. These quick snippets capture the reader’s attention. Your tweets should include an attention-grabbing message and link to your practice’s website or supporting articles. You should include hashtags, such as #PhysicalTherapy, to link your tweet to others that use the same hashtag. This linkage helps other users find tweets that share a common interest or message.

Online & Social Media Marketing Guide

Creating Your Twitter account

Just like with Facebook, building your Twitter account and attracting followers starts with some simple strategies. First, it is important to map out your objectives and what content will engage other users. Do you want to use Twitter to attract new patients, network with local businesses, or share clinic updates? Each of these objectives is valuable for your practice and requires the right mix of content and engagement. Let’s get started with these marketing strategies:

  • Promote your Twitter account via other social media profiles, such a Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Include links to your account and other social media profiles on your website and in your email footer
  • Add a callout on your direct mail marketing, such as your newsletter and postcards, to encourage readers to follow you on social media
  • Follow other accounts that share similar interests, such as local businesses, PT organizations, health and wellness programs etc.
  • Re-tweet (or RT) and Like tweets from other accounts to build on the social momentum of the platform

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What Content Should You Tweet?

Twitter is perhaps the most fluid of social media platforms. This means that you can tweet a lot of different content without overwhelming your followers. Your tweets should share articles and tips on physical therapy, its benefits, and why people should visit your practice for their care. On Twitter, you only have about a sentence to get someone’s attention, so focus on attention-grabbing headlines that include a link back to your website’s blog article or other supporting content. If you don’t have a link or article, include an appropriate photo so that your tweet stands out in the user’s news feed. An example tweet could be, “See how #PhysicalTherapy can help relieve your back #pain & get you back to summertime activities WEBSITE”

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