PT Medical Library

Attract new patients, educating them on their problem and why you are the best solution to help them. Our interactive PT medical library is specific to the physical therapy profession and brands you as the experts to turn to for physical therapy care.

Our interactive body diagram directs visitors on your website to easily find the problem area and learn more about the solutions you provide.

Plus, every part of your unique medical library will be another chance to appear in Google searches for conditions!

Real Results

I have used Practice Promotions over the years and they continue to amaze me with the ability to put vision to product! Highly recommend anyone in private practice use them as they are as professional with their work as one would want!

- Enrique H., PT Owner

physical therapy condition website pages

Market What You Treat. Speak To How They Feel.

We make it easy for you to look professional and enlighten prospective patients about their condition, so they will see you as the experts to turn to and take that next step to call your practice for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need a conditions library? Will patients read that?

    The goal of a condition library is not to get every visitor to read about every condition.

    The goal is for each page to create an opportunity to connect with 1 person who needs help with that 1 issue. Personalization makes your visitors feel valued and more likely to convert.

  • Is it interactive?

    Yes – visitors can easily sort by the area they are experiencing pain just by hovering and clicking on your custom-designed site.

  • Is there any other benefit to marketing conditions with specific pages?

    Actually yes! Google searches each and every page of your site and determines how relevant it is to specific searches.

    So, while someone searching for “knee pain relief” probably won’t be shown a Physical Therapy homepage right away, they will find your knee pain page.

    Every condition is a new opportunity to be found online.