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  • health marketing for PT

    New Year, New You! 2020 Health Marketing for PT Practices

    Will You Start 2020 Strong? Don’t Let a Lack of Planning Slow You Down! Once the holidays are over,...

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  • more patient visits

    How To Get More Physical Therapy Visits

    So You Need More Physical Therapy Visits? Of course! Patient visits fill your schedule and full schedule means you...

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  • Deductible marketing

    How to Promote End of Year Insurance Savings to PT Patients

    How Often Do Insurance Companies Help You Market?   Right Now, They Will! In today’s complex world of health...

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  • Setup your mobile website experience

    Get More PT Reviews & Patient Testimonials

    Does your practice have good patient reviews? Does it have enough? Most practice owners both love and dread the...

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  • get more doctor referrals

    Get More Physical Therapy Referrals for Your Practice

    When a patient visits their physician regarding pain, the typical course of action is assessment, testing and medication. As...

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  • Marketing-plan-paradigm-shift

    PT Paradigm Shift: A 4-Step Marketing Plan to Put Patients First, Doctors Second

    A Welcome Change of Plan Physical therapists have been marketing to doctors for years. But with the expansion of...

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  • Private Practice Marketing

    Why does every PT owner need a practice marketing plan?

    PT marketing should be at the core of your practice’s planning and business development. Whether it’s maintaining monthly campaigns, such as patient newsletters, blogging, emails, and social media, or upgrading key assets, like your practice website or brochures, at least 5-8% of your practice income should be spent on marketing. Why? The best way for any business to grow, especially a physical therapy practice, is word-of-mouth. You can increase word-of-mouth about your clinic with branding, marketing, and good public relations. Keeping consistently in touch with your building customer base allows you to grow through repeat business and word-of-mouth. We went to school to be great PT’s, but most of our business training is self-taught. How much marketing training did you get in school? How much have you done while in your practice? In this blog post, we will discuss critical areas for you to focus on to make a difference in your practice advertising. If you do well here, you will have more control over your practice stability, expansion, and profitability.

  • Word-of-Mouth spreads your story

    Word-of-Mouth: Your Patients are Your Marketing Department

    If you have a small to mid-sized practice, odds are you either market yourself, have just 1-2 marketing staff,...

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  • holiday postcards

    3 Types of Holiday Postcards for PT Practices

    The holiday season is a pivotal time for your practice and marketing plan. November and December are busy times...

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  • Physical Therapy Workshop Checklist

    The Physical Therapy Workshop Checklist

    Hosting a PT Workshop? Done correctly, a physical therapy workshop can boost your patient volume by engaging the local...

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