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Category: Website Tips

PT Website Design 2020 portfolio
Complete List of PT Website Tips

Everything you need to know about attracting new patients online.

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Website Conversions: Definitions, Tracking, & How To Get More

When you’re shopping around for a PT Website, your number 1 priority should be something like “Will…

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Tracking Your Bounce Rate
Is Your Website’s Bounce Rate Costing You New Patients? [How To Find Out]

Is Your Website Traffic High, But Your New Patients Low? How do you know if people visit…

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Google search hacks for PT
Top 5 Google Hacks For PT Practices

Googled Your Clinic Lately? Not Where You’d Like To Be? It’s no secret that ranking at the…

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physical therapy website facts
Physical Therapy Website Costs & What To Shop For

Average PT Website Costs A physical therapy website costs a lot for most practices. Latest averages for…

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Physical Therapy Blog Writing Tips
How to Write Blogs Posts for Physical Therapy Practices

Is Your Blog Driving More Website Visitors? Is It Driving New Patients? Most PTs and practice owners…

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Physical Therapy Website Setup Mistakes
7 Fatal Flaws In PT Website Setup (And What To Do Instead)

Are you planning a website setup for your PT practice? Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating…

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When to expect SEO Results
Using SEO for Physical Therapy Websites & When to Expect Results

When it comes to your practice’s website, there is a lot more to consider beyond the design…

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Time to update your website?
Best Used By: When Does A PT Website Expire?

Does a practice website “expire” or stop being useful? How do you know when you should redesign…

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[Video] Physical Therapy Website Marketing: How to Drive More Traffic

https://youtu.be/FMrufD3yjls Marketing your PT practice online starts and ends with your website. First, you need to have…

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website content
PT Website Content Checklist

What Content is Essential to PT Websites? When it comes to planning your website, a well-defined content…

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Web design studio
Best Physical Therapy Websites for Private Practices

What Makes A Website Attract Patients? Most private practices have a physical therapy website that describes their…

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