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How to market direct access physical therapy
How to Market Physical Therapy Direct Access in 2021

Looking For New Ways To Increase New Patients? In the US, every state now allows patients to…

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PT Practice goals
2021 Practice Goals: How to Plan & Achieve Your Best Year Ever

Reach Your Practice Goals With Certainty How many new patients do you need to add per month, to…

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Word of Mouth Referrals
How to Increase Word of Mouth Referrals for PT

The most powerful form of advertising has always been and probably will always be word of mouth.…

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PhysioWorks Clinic Staff
Clinic Braves COVID Dip To Achieve Marketing Success

What Happens When Print & Web Marketing Combine? PhysioWorks is a physical and occupational therapy clinic located…

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What Did 2020 Teach Practices About Patient Flow?

2020 started off like any other year… For most PT clinics, patient flow goals were high. More…

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MMA Sports & Rehab Success
Rehab Clinic Newsletter Generates Over $28k

Is your current marketing plan keeping your monthly new and reactive patients where they need to be?…

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Medicare Cuts Impacting PT Clinics
Overcoming Medicare Cuts to Physical Therapy

Are medicare cuts to PT posing a threat to your private practices? In this article we’ll walk…

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‘New Year, New You’ Marketing Tips for PT Practices in 2021

2020 Was Like A Bad Patient. Let’s Hit Reset and Focus On A New Strategy For 2021!…

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Website Conversions: Definitions, Tracking, & How To Get More

When you’re shopping around for a PT Website, there are multiple things you are thinking about. But…

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How To Market PT With a Live Webinar

So you’re unable to have in-person workshops? It’s been a rough time for traditional events. And with…

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How Print Marketing Kept This PT Clinic Above Water

Ever heard someone say print is dead? If this clinic had believed that, Covid might have drowned…

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4 Clinic Websites that Powerfully Differentiate from Competitors

Your PT Website is the digital front door to your practice. Because you’re creating a PT business…

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How PT Marketing Changed This Year
Has PT Marketing Really Changed in 2020?

Private practices have had a crazy year. The question many are asking is… Has PT Marketing Changed…

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