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Average PT Website Costs

A physical therapy website costs a lot for most practices.

Latest averages for small business websites are between $2,000 and $10,000 – but it’s not uncommon to see quotes in the $50K – $100K range either.

And, that’s just the upfront cost! After that, you still are left to train staff on it, market your website, and keep it up-to-date.

As a PT, I don’t think PT Practices need to be stuck in those averages.

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Your clinic is more unique than most small businesses and typical website designers haven’t worked in your industry. You rely on insurance payments, steady patient flow, and many PT-specific factors that require different expertise…

… That’s why our setup costs are well below industry standards. Instead, we’ve chosen a subscription approach to provide our clients with monthly tools, resources, and consultations to ensure consistency and maximizing return on investment.

Let’s look at the subscription model further:

One-Time Payment vs. Subscriptions

We’ve touched on this idea in another article, but one way to greatly reduce the initial setup cost of a website is by choosing a monthly subscription service.

Instead of one large, upfront cash payment, you will be able to work the cost into your existing annual/monthly marketing budget. And, as long as the website comes with the right marketing tools, you should see a return on that budget every month.

What to look for in a Website Subscription: 

  1. Marketing Tools: Paying via subscription only makes sense if you get benefits every month. If your website subscription comes with tools such as email marketing, chatbots, social media, blogging done for you (maybe even newsletters!), you will be saving time & money on these other items and attracting new patients to offset your marketing cost.
  2. Monthly Reports: If you’re paying a website company every month, it makes sense that they should send you updates instead of you having to chase them every time. You want to have access to reports but look for a personal option as well.
  3. Service & Support: Ask about the support you’ll get before committing. Make sure you get a certain level of personal support included and ask what types of services may require extra fees.
  4. A Guarantee Every Month: Here’s the big one. You’ll find a lot of companies with “60-day guarantees” or similar, but all that really does is guarantee you’ll like how the website looks. If you truly want a Risk-Free option, find a company who’s guarantee resets every month you pay.
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What You Should Get for the Money

Whatever you choose to spend, you want to be confident your website will meet your practice’s specific needs.

Your website is not just a billboard – it’s not meant to just sit there. Your website is the spine to your entire marketing body. So, be sure to start the project with your new patient goals in mind.

When creating your physical therapy practice’s website, the primary audience in mind should most definitely be patients. Patients visit your site for information and decide whether they want to see you for PT based on your content. In addition, direct access is the most stable growth opportunity available to practice owners today.

That said, doctors or their office staff also use your website as a tool to decide whether to refer patients to you. So, while patients are the focus you should consider doctors as a secondary audience and tailor your website marketing to their needs.

For a comprehensive guide to PT Practice Websites, check out these tips and downloads.

“Direct to consumer marketing is the biggest growth opportunity
available to practice owners today”

Can You Under-Spend on a Website? 


There are plenty of so-called solutions you shouldn’t pay for no matter how cheap.

The #1 thing to remember when considering your PT Website is that it should be an investment, not an expense. Good investments always have a return! If your website isn’t making you more money by increasing patients – it’s time to make a change.

A more expensive website that generates more patients quickly becomes a better VALUE than a cheaper one that produces fewer patients.

How to Pay for Your Website Risk-Free 

…With a Risk-Free Guarantee!

As former practice owners, we know collections are tight and budgeting for websites can be stressful – so we want to take the financial risk for you.

With our Ultimate Guarantee, your website will produce results every month or your next month is free. To learn more, check out our pricing or portfolio then schedule a consultation to learn more!

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Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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