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Any website can look good, but does yours convert visitors into new patient leads?

If your website doesn't bring you consistent signups, it's time to upgrade. Our sites are designed with booking new patient appointments as the #1 goal.

Each feature we include has been tested & honed with hundreds of clinics across the US and Canada.

Real Results

When I first heard of Practice Promotions I was a little apprehensive. We are a small clinic and I was concerned about increasing monthly bills… This company has helped me in so many ways growing my practice! Thank you for helping me become and sustain a successful business.

-Darnisha G.

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Guaranteed To Bring You New Patient Leads

Our marketing & website strategy is so proven, we guarantee you new patient leads every month or your next month is free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do patients request appointments?

    With many patients coming from many different sources we find it best to encourage appointments in a few ways. The main is a basic new patient form in your menu and throughout the site. In addition, the automated chatbot works to answer basic questions while guiding the visitor to contact your front desk. Lastly, we make it easy for patients to call you and even track which calls are new inquiries vs. current patients.

  • How do appointments hit my schedule?

    New patient leads are sent directly to you or your front office to finalize the schedule in a personal way and collect more detailed information.

  • How are appointment requests tracked?

    When you join Practice Promotions, we set you up a custom analytics dashboard where you can see all the most important information including appointment form data!

  • What is your guarantee?

    We don’t believe in guaranteeing you’ll like how your website looks. With us, your results are guaranteed each and every month or the next month is FREE.