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How your physical therapy website looks will determine how people perceive the value of your services. To attract more new patients willing to pay their high copay and deductibles in today’s healthcare environment, you must have a quality professional website. Attract visitors to your website, interest and engage them with our custom physical therapy website designs crammed full of marketing technology to attract more new patients to your practice…

Having a powerful website design that attracts, interests and delivers your message is critical to driving a flood of new patients into your practice. Practice Promotions website designs are beautifully custom designed for your practice using the latest in marketing techniques and technology to ensure patients can easily find you.

Get It With A Plan

Ultimate PLUS+


The most powerful PT marketing system: the best PT website service, custom clinic app, patient newsletter system & exclusive discounts.

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The best PT website service, plus our entire patient newsletter system & exclusive discounts on print marketing materials.

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A great PT website with advanced marketing tools, blogging, email marketing, and SEO done for you.

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Real Results

This has been the easiest and best marketing experience I’ve had so far. Previously we had a marketing company that was not helpful and didn’t offer a lot of the great things that practice promotions does! We absolutely love the newsletters and so do the patients! The team we have assists any time that we need it and answers any questions that we may have! I’m so thankful that we joined with them as a marketing team because it has certainly helped our business!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 20+ Years of PT Expertise

    Founded and operated by PT Practice Owners, we market for over 650 clinic locations in North America and growing! We practice evidence-based marketing to bring the latest in PT marketing research to power your practice’s unique marketing goals.

  • Full Team Service

    Get your own marketing team of 40+ industry experts to help your practice grow! Web developers, SEO experts, online marketers, graphic designers, and physical therapists – all dedicated to getting new patients to your clinic.

  • Affordable Price

    No, we aren’t the cheapest solution on the market. We ARE the most valuable. Our plans are specifically tailored to get you a high RETURN on your investment with a quality that honors the top-quality service you provide.

  • We Guarantee Results Every Month

    A “60 day guarantee” is OK, but what if your website isn’t getting enough new patients in 6 months? With us, your results are guaranteed each and every month or the next month is FREE.

  • Your All-in-One Marketing Solution

    Your time is too valuable to spend working with several different website, marketing, and print companies. We save you time and money by integrating all of your marketing tools in one place with one goal – get you more new patients!

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