Automated PT Chatbot

Respond To Questions Instantly

In today's "instant gratification" world, many potential patients end up choosing not the best PT, but the first one to respond to them.

With us, your website can answer basic questions such as hours, insurance, and more automatically. Then, our proven question process will encourage them to request an appointment & notify your front desk.

Between 45% and 75% of visitors who open our chatbots become New Patient Leads!

Real Results

“Practice promotions is one of the greatest things to happen to our business. They have been able to boost our online presence and they have given us the tools and education to help our practice bring in new patients.”

Athalon PT

PT Chatbots Convert More Patients

Your website should be a 24/7 salesperson for your practice. A PT chatbot takes people who are on the fence & gives them the confidence to book an appointment with you!

Make sure your next practice website has a chatbot to maximize New Patient Leads.

Common Chatbot Questions

Common Chatbot Questions

  • Do I have to think of questions & answers?

    No! Our PT-expert team sets up everything for you customized to your clinic. You have the ability to make edits if you wish, but our recommendations are based on what’s working for hundreds of PT websites.

  • Do visitors think it's a person?

    It’s best to clearly state that the chatbot is a “virtual assistant” or “answer bot” – people can usually tell so it’s best to say exactly what it is, but still build it with a personal sounding voice.

  • Does a Chatbot cost extra?

    Nope! Every website we build needs to convert the most people possible, and this is one of the tools we use to ensure that.

  • How is my office notified?

    When a person agrees to be contacted, the Chatbot will gather their information & send your front desk a notification to call them.

  • How many results can I expect?

    On average, 45%-75% of visitors who open the chatbot will request an appointment. The total number depends on volume. But with the Ultimate System, a certain amount of New Patient Leads are guaranteed every month or the next month is FREE.