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  • Patient Using Youtube

    How YouTube Can Attract New Patients to Your Practice

    It’s 2020, Is Youtube The Right Marketing Solution For Your PT Practice?  YouTube is one of the biggest websites...

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  • social media management and scheduling

    Social Media Management Software for PTs

    Many PT practices are expanding their online presence beyond their website and onto email campaigns and social media. But, it can become challenging to keep...

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  • Family Posts Fall Selfie on Social Media

    5 Fall Social Media Content Ideas for PT Practices

    How Many Pumpkin Spice Posts Have You Seen Already? It’s about time to embrace a new season! Social media is...

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  • when to post on facebook infographic

    [Infographic] Best Times to Post on Social Media

    When should you post that on Facebook? Every marketer will tell you how important social presence is to your...

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  • learn-how-to-create-facebook-ads-for-local-community-reach

    How to Create Local Facebook Ads to Grow Physical Therapy

    Let’s cover a social media marketing basic: how to create Facebook ads. Whether you’re already running ads for your...

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  • facebook-audience-targeting-physical-therapy-practices

    Targeting New and Repeat PT Patients on Facebook – With No Marketing Experience

    Facebook Audience Targeting may sound like a highly technical social marketing skill – because it can be. However, it...

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  • Social Media for PT Practices

    What role should social media have in my practice?

    Social media is one of the top online sources for search, content, and news. Think about going out to eat at a local restaurant…before social media, you would typically choose a restaurant based on a friend’s recommendation or by searching online and reviewing the restaurant’s website and menu. With social media, the process of choosing a restaurant has evolved…now, you might see that a friend commented on Facebook about a great new place or you might search use an online review platform (such as Yelp) to see what other people are saying about the restaurant. The exponential growth of digital and social media has opened opportunities for both businesses and consumers to engage in real-time, interactive communications online. But, with these opportunities also come potential risks. In these blogs we’ll discuss new opportunities, keep you up to date with changes, and cover both the “do’s” and “do not’s” of physical therapy social media.

  • social media trends physical therapists are using

    Modern Social Media Trends Your PT Practice Can Actually Use

    Do you see other businesses using Facebook and social media, only to wonder how can I use it for...

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  • Using your twitter account to engage PT patients

    Twitter for PT Practices

    Your Patients Tweet, Do You? Twitter is another social media platform that PT practices can use to share information...

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  • facebook-and-social-media

    Facebook and Social Media for PT Practices

    Facebook can be an effective platform for marketing your PT practice on social media. Creating a business page for...

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